Jai Ganesh Girija Suvan
Mangal Mul Sujan
Kahat Ayodhya Das Tum Dev Abhaya Varadan

Glory to Lord Ganesh, the Divine Son of Goddess Girija,
the cause of all auspiciousness and intelligence.
Ayodha Dass humbly requests that every one be blessed
with the boon of being fearless.

Jai Girija Pati Dinadayala
Sada Karat Santan Pratipala
Bhala Chandrama Sohat Nike Kanan Kundal Nagaphani Ke

O Glorious Lord, consort of Parvati You are most
merciful. You always bless the poor and pious
devotees. Your beautiful form is adorned with the
moon on Your forehead and on your ears are
earrings of snakes’ hood.

Anga Gaur Shira Ganga Bahaye
Mundamala Tan Chhara Lagaye
Vastra Khala Baghambar Sohain Chhavi Ko Dekha Naga Muni Mohain

The holy Ganges flows from your matted hair. The saints
and sages are attracted by Your splendid appearance.
Around Your neck is a garland of skulls.
White ash beautifies Your Divine form and clothing of lion’s
skin adorns Your body.

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