Ganesha had a brother whose name was Kartikeya. Ganesha was very clever and sweet-natured,whereas Kartikeya was very short-tempered Both of them used to play on the mountains and sometimes they used to quarrel.

So once they had a very big quarrel and each of them thought that the other one was guilty. The matter could not be settled. Finally, they soon approached their parents to get justice.

Lord Shiva and Parvati heard both the sides and then lord Shiva had an idea “children,” he said to them,”let us settle it this way you have to go around the world and one who comes back first will be considered to be the right one the other one wrong ! Do you agree?” “yes! Yes !! Agreed on both of them Kartikeya always rode a peacock and was very fast at it while Ganesha used a little rat for riding. Kartikeya was sure that he would win the race because his peacock was much faster than the rat.

Kartikeya immediately jumped on his peacock and rode very fast as he could. Ganesha first had a look at his big stomach and then at his little rat. He was sure that he can never win the race. Then Kartikeya was already away with his peacock.

And Ganesha just sat down there thinking and suddenly he had a bright idea. He made lord Shiva and mata Parvati sit together and quickly went around them three times. Soon. Kartikeya came on his peacock after traveling around the world successfully and told Shiva-Parvati proudly,” here I come! I won and looked at Ganesha “No,” said Ganesha, firmly, “our parents are the mother and father of the world, so going around them is just like going around the world! I have done it three times but you have done it only once and that makes me the winner! And Ganeshalooked at Lord Shiva and Parvati, “am I right or wrong?” he asked them.

“Ganesha is right”, said Parvati to Kartikeya,” he has won the race! ” Hearing that Kartikeya lost his temper and thought that mother was partial to Ganesha. In a feat of anger he took an oath, “I shall neither look at my mother’s, nor any woman’s face in the world ! “and Kartikeya kept his word, he never looked at the face of any women in the world. So, in many temples of Kartikeya, women do not enter.

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